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How to talk to ur girlfriend

How to talk to ur girlfriend

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My girlfriend still talks to her ex I have an ex wife and too and my new gf of a year and girlfrienv half has the same. When we first got together, I knew she still had feelings for him, but as time went on, she seemed much happier and I could tell she was getting over him. It feels right to her, because she thinks she can handle being friends with an ex and dating someone else. It's not everyday you find someone whose smile brightens up your day, so why not let everyone know your girlfriend is the best?


Be as specific as possible. Use specific instances, specific examples, and actual words," says Dr.

50 questions to strengthen your relationship

Using concrete examples of words and actions will help drive your point home. By illustrating to your ificant other actual moments where their poor communication affected you, you can help them to better understand where you're coming from and encourage them to make a healthy change. Use recent examples. Choose moments from the past girlrfiend days, if possible, rather than dredging up things that irritated you weeks or months earlier.

66 deep questions to ask your girlfriend – spark great conversations.

Time tends to blur the facts, and can cause you and your partner to remember events very differently. So the more recent the better. Place the focus on your needs.

Rather than telling your S. If possible, talk face-to-face. Because you're talking about strong communicationthough, telling your partner over girlfgiend that they need to step up their communication skills is poor communication in itself, according to Dr. Like most serious talks, this is a conversation that is better to have in person.

When in a relationship

Call, use a virtual software Skype, FaceTimebut do not do the communication via text. Talking about communication via text is poor communication. Ask for their feedback. You might even learn something new about each other. Ask About Their Day Gilrfriend is a conversation you can have every single day.

So if you aren't already in the habit, consider sharing your highs and lows after you've spent time apart. How was work? What went well? What didn't? As Christie Tcharkhoutian, LMFTa d marriage and family therapist says, this simple discussion will deepen your connection, stay on the sameand ultimately help you weather life's ups and downs as a couple.

If it's been a minute, talk about what you'd like to do girlfriemd the next year, five years, etc. Talk About The Past On the flip side, the past is also an untapped source girlfrend good stories.

Things to not discuss with your girlfriend

So, while you've likely covered the basics, try to delve deeper by sharing childhood secrets or telling old family stories. Play The Question Game Have you ever played the question game? It's simple, since all it involves is you guessed it! There is, however, a twist or two, Dan Munroa confidence and hos coach, tells Bustle.

It's like truth or dare No one ever said you have to be a complete open book, just because you're in a relationship. But this game yirlfriend help build a sense of closeness between you, if you trust each other with a secret or two. Tell Each Other Exactly How Jow Feel If you can't shake the nagging feeling you've "run out of things to say," Munro says it's often a you're keeping your cards too close to your chest, and not letting each other in.

So go ahead and get real.

Interesting things to talk about with your girlfriend

Ask how your partner feels, right this moment. What would they like to work on in your relationship? Gir,friend bothering them? The more honest and open you are, the better your relationship will feel. Share Random Thoughts In the same vein, consider sharing "random" thoughts and emotions, even if they don't seem conversation-worthy.

As Munro says, the "noise inside your head" can be quite interesting. And since it's always changing, you technically can't run out of things to say. Of course, this doesn't mean blurting out hurtful things, or talking girlffriend for the sake of talking.

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Instead, it's about pulling inspiration from your inner dialogue — your daydreams, thoughts, concerns, etc. Bring it all to the surface, and tl where the conversation le. Talk About Physical Intimacy This is a topic you should be chatting about regularly, to make sure you're both happy and on the same. But it's also fun to share your fantasies, girlfriehd if you've never talked about them before. So, how's your sex life?

Are you both fulfilled? Do you hoow to try something new? It may feel awkward at first, but questions like these can spark a healthy convo that you've probably never had before.

You can always talk to your girlfriend about the past

Ask Them What They'd Change If your partner could change one thing from their past, what would it be? What would they do differently, if they could go back in time?

By knowing what your partner regrets, you can work together as a couple to ensure history doesn't repeat itself. Talk T Regrets Similarly, you can learn more about each other's pasts by chatting about regrets. As Bennett says, "It can be a great way to be vulnerable with each other.

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