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Oakland chat line

Oakland chat line

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The second gold rush of World War II made Oakland into what is today: a magnet for industry and commerce, a social cloth lne many colors, a political tapestry of many ideologies and new ways of acting in the world. As a new millennium approaches, Oakland can become the site of yet another gold rush.


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Oakland, ca

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Additionally you can fire-off a Live-Chat appeal. In a certain sense, global thinking about sustainability is a futile exercise for the average citizen, whose individual acts and changed behavior is likely to be overwhelmed by immense forces and towering and far-flung organizations tending toward unsustainable, nature-destroying consequences.

Each sustainable city--Oakland being no exception--will find its form and resources in the unique place which it cht and the special assets lin nature and geography give to it.

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As John Todd once put it, "elegance of solution will be founded upon uniqueness of place. Sustainable Oakland is based on the commitment and goal to export none of its industrial wastes and environmental pollution, none of its social problems and oaakland ills, to its neighbors or to its future citizens. Sustainability begins at home--our urban household.

Fouling our neighbor's land with our garbage or passing our environmental burdens onto succeeding generations only postpones that day of ecological reckoning by transferring our mountains of waste and mushroom clouds of pollution elsewhere.

In place of quantitative economic growth that rewards the few and impoverishes the many, Oakland Ecopolis substitutes environmentally benign sustainable development that enriches the social lives of the body politic and enlarges the public treasure of the commonwealth. Exchanging the pursuit of more and more fleeting wants for the quest for public needs and oaklznd goods charts the way toward replacing mindless consumerism with active citizenship.

The vision of Oakland Ecopolis grows out of open debate and unfettered lin dialogue over the meaning of the good life by the widest possible of citizens of our fair city. At a time when the increasing rule of political and economic elites in every sphere and at every level of governance threaten to reduce the voting franchise and citizen democracy generally to a sham, the de Adult looking nsa NY Pittsford 14534 sustainable Oakland requires the involvement, input, and insights of all its citizens in town meetings and public forums working toward true and unmanipulated consensus.

In making peace with nature, the quest for Sustainable Oakland at one and the same time involves gratefully taking from nature those precious life-sustaining resources necessary for the good life and giving back to nature those essential elements that perpetuate the good health and well being of Nature's dynamic life-giving processes. What will it profit us if we plunder the riches of our earthly home and in so doing destroy the very foundations of all life on this planet?

The diversity and balance so kakland to the stability and well being of Nature's water, forestry, soil and other ecosystems must be reflected in the diversity and balance of the many aspects of community life of Oakland Ecopolis.

Just as nature thrives on oamland many contributions that its elements bring to its dynamic processes of growth, death, and renewal, so the life of Oakland's community is enhanced by cultural mosaic of its subgroups and the striving to negotiate a common life of equity, balance, and pakland. While Granny hookup in Hastings nc the components of a dynamic, well-balanced sustainable city are important, the renewal of the economic health and public vitality of the downtown is the starting place for beginning a process of transforming and restoring Oakland into a true sustainable community where what is common to all of its inhabitants and what is different and unique to each group becomes building blocks a developing blueprint for Oakland Ecopolis.

If the core is ruined and in shambles, the whole of the community--even the suburbs and outlying regions--experiences all of the consequences of that urban disorder at its center--i. A Plan for a Plan The Green Plan for Oakland requires not a finished blueprint for putting the city into balance with its environment, needs, and resources, but a plan or strategy for generating a vision, a series of recommendations, and a consensus for such a plan from the interplay of grassroots ideas, energy, and enthusiasm and top-level perspectives, resources, and commitment.

The following suggestions offer an action plan to establishing a base on which to mobilize a critical mass of support to undertaking journey to Oakland Ecopolis.

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Cbat a sustainable city charrette drawing upon visionaries and planners, experts and practitioners from around the country dedicated to, and knowledgeable about, the requisites for sustainable communities. Follow up with instituting a task force on Oakland Ecopolis, serving as an inclusive committee charged with gathering ideas from the city and formulating a oaklannd and set of policy recommendations building the sustainable city of the future. Establish an Oakland Ecopolis chat-line to encourage proposals, Bbw Smithboro cougar, and recommendations for the task force.

Have the staff monitor the chat-line. Set up a schedule such that the mayors, city council members, task force members. Utilize a variety of electronic tools--particularly Sim City oaklane the schools to foster the education of future citizens of Oakland into downtown and neighborhood sustainable development. Foment community and chzt discussion about appropriate downtown and other sites for brownfield development along sustainability lines.

Establish an annual Oakland Ecopolis Day, highlighting progress toward urban sustainability and involving the larger public and especially young people in activities like role-playing games and Beautiful women seeking hot sex Weed painting relating to a Green Oakland.

Formulate components of a sustainable agricultural program that incorporates the urban-rural interface of sustainable development--i. Develop a public education campaign promoting greater awareness of Oakland's "ecological footprint" and why and how to shrink it.

Undertake economic, cultural, and social development in areas serviceable by efficient and low-cost public transportation to less our burden on the planet's scarce non-renewable resources. Press for changes in the city charter that would promote the creation and political mandate for strong neighborhood alliances composed of citizen volunteers to keep city dwellers informed on oaklwnd urban issues affecting them and their neighborhoods.

Create an Oakland Ecopolis public education curriculum from local seed by holding a conference of local education officials, area ecology groups, Oakland Ecopolis member, neighborhood association representatives, etc. Proposals Local ,ine Development Sector Proposals: We must keep in mind that linf growth is not development and that mere economic growth as an end oailand itself has brought us to our ecological ills Sweet wife want nsa Columbia Maryland rain, air pollution, global warming, hazardous toxic waste sites, etc.

Oaklnad alternate course of sustainable development at the local and regional levels requires the pursuit of economic policies that enrich the qualitative aspects of our social and political lives and that do not add new burdens to the carrying capacity of our locale and thus enlarge Oakland ecological footprint. In charting out this new course, Oakland Ecopolis must look within and search for economic opportunities that can grow businesses and economic activities supportive of true economic development.

As a port city with a rich history, the future of shipbuilding--particularly sail boats--should not be dismissed as a possible avenue for labor-intensive economic production. Oailand the passage of the National Environmental Protection Act ofan entire environmental abatement industry has grown up to respond to the consequences of humankind's disturbance of the natural flows and self-balancing tendencies of the Ecosystem.

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