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Real girls message me for fun tonight

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Franklin Foer This can make for cloying storytelling. The boys, for once, are in supportive roles.


Franklin Foer This can make for cloying storytelling.

The boys, for once, are in supportive roles. To the extent that girls made an appearance, it was generally as love interests. That formula is turned on its head in Little Women.

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The March sisters are the central figures, and they pursue different paths. Meg, the eldest, becomes a wife and mother.

Jo, who can be mercurial and impolitic, burns to be a great writer. Beth is painfully shy and virtuous.

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Amy, the youngest, has artistic ambitions; she is more manipulative and vain than the others. I, like virtually every other girl who wanted to become an author, found a patron saint in Jo March. Gerwig has spoken about the debt she owes to that fictional heroine. Both films examine the experience of girls who yearn for more mf what they have and document the sacrifices they make to be true to who they are.

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On her wedding day, Meg March asks Laurie to promise to abstain from ever again consuming alcohol, and he accedes. In the film, in contrast, during the nuptial festivities, he spirits away a glass of wine and shares it with Jo. At a ball they host, she tnoight the sins of wearing an off-the-shoulder dress, drinking champagne, and flirting.

I will be desperately good for the rest of my life. March discusses handling anger.

Little Women devotes long passages to the importance of girls curbing their temper. March has every reason to be pissed. At the beginning of the book, we learn that Mr.

While the book argues for teetotaling, Alcott herself was a drug addict. I was shocked when I learned this.

AsI wanted to inhabit the book, to the point where I tracked down the schedule Bronson Alcott wrote for his four daughters, which mandated that they wake up before dawn and take a cold bath. I tried to follow this practice and gave up after the first morning. I did, however, internalize the Marmee lectures the way some people do sections of the Bible.

I was eager to share the book with my daughter anyway. She loves the process of creating imaginary worlds.

Gerwig captures these moments so skillfully; in one of the most transporting scenes of the film, Jo takes to her desk after she has lost her childhood love and her sister, and heals herself with pen and paper. A young woman, in other words, saves herself. It was as perfect a Christmas gift as I could give her.

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